Sometimes, I teach college students as a university professor. Sometimes, I am addressing a group of women on issues related to women’s health. Sometimes, I speak with young women and female athletes about the need to understand their fertility and how their cycles affect their bodies, but most especially their emotions and psychological health. Other times, you can find me offering consultation to medical students or nurses about the possibilities that exist in women’s health, both in educating their patients and so also in empowering them. Or maybe you’ll see me going on a run or working out or baking or trying some new cocktail. Most times, I am in conversations with people, whether those I’ve known for a long time or those I’ve just met at Hobby Lobby or some local coffee shop or maybe in front of the Pantheon. All the time, I am delighting in the fact that I am blessed to know so many amazing women from all different seasons of life and life experiences. Here, I explore those things that I’m constantly reflecting upon in hopes that they can encourage someone else out there. 

I am not a brand. This is not some grand or even profound explanation of the “one way” to be a woman. It’s certainly not a place to pigeonhole anyone into the “one way” to be a Catholic woman. In fact, if you get that from this website, then you’ve misinterpreted what I’m saying. The whole point of this space is to make clear that there is no one way to be a woman. No one way to eat healthy. No one way to decorate your home or be a boss CEO or love your husband or care for your children. So take that pressure off. If I share something about what I like, it’s just that–something that I like. So you know, don’t buy that real Christmas tree because of your allergies even though I’ll say every year it.was.worth.it. Don’t go on a trip you can’t afford because of some pictures you see that seem so amazing. Experiences are wonderful, but you can have so many without ever leaving your own city. Your life isn’t somewhere out there; it’s right in front of you, so much more real than the words you read on this page.

In short, whether you are a woman on a journey (aren’t we all?) or a man who loves special women in his life, here’s my musings on the gift that women are to the world. Not by what we do. Not by what we have. But by who we are. 

I hope you enjoy.